Sustainability @Garden Party

The Food

The food choices will celebrate local and seasonal produce:

  • Menu rotation to allow for seasonal produce.
  • The suppliers know the provenance of 100% of their produce and try to source 50% of their supplies from within the M25.
  • All meat is British and Red Tractor Assured as a minimum
  • The venue is free range organic eggs and offer at least one vegan dish on the menu
  • They serve a diversity of species of fish on the menus
  • The venue only serves fish rated with a low-impact method of production or certified as sustainable¬†(MSC green rated)
  • Only coffee, tea, chocolate and or sugar suppliers who have transparent direct trade agreements will be supplied on-site
  • All wine served will come from Three Choirs, a vineyard in Gloucestershire, to reduce carbon footprint.
Regent's - Food 7
Regent's Univ


  • Only biodegradable and recyclable disposable plastic glasses will be used
  • Food will be served on bamboo crockery and cutlery
  • No plastic straws, stirrers or sachets.
  • All efforts are made to minimise the use of single use plastic and glass bottles

Natural Resources

  • The venue has moved from LPG gas to electric power supply to power the marquee, lighting and lawns
  • Waste products (food waste, cardboard and paper, metal, glass, wood) are recycled through a refuse carrier)